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Invite to Speak

Invite to Speak

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Hello Melbourne! The Living Well Centre & Quadratos

Seven years ago, the Rev John Stewart (Anglican) heard a brief presentation on Quadratos. John was and continues to be the co-director of the Living Well Centre in… Read more

NZ and Australia – Australia and NZ

I continue in the land of Kiwi and OZ … affectionately known as New Zealand and Australia.  Have just finished a series of talks and retreats on the North Island of New Zealand… Read more

Hello Australia and New Zealand!

I am in Australia and New Zealand to teach, explore and share Quadratos “down under.”  This week I address the Australian Spiritual Directors Network for four days.  Next month… Read more

Follow along as I journey across Australia & New Zealand

On June 22nd I fly from the U.S. to Melbourne – beginning a month in Australia and two weeks in New Zealand.  Beyond the miles – I will experience a significant change of weather… Read more

Easter – a glorious garden

Am already in Santa Barbara at La Casa de Maria Retreat Center where I lead the Easter Retreat.  This year for the fifth time.  This is an ancient Easter – far different from… Read more

Nicodemus Mind?

Nicodemus Mind is a metaphor from the Christian gospels.  But it refers to a thinking style that harms relationships and vital community life.   Anytime you believe there is a… Read more

A Pattern Underneath Everything? Really?

This Sunday at Baltimore’s Cathedral of the Incarnation – join me at 9 a.m. as I discuss the pattern of practice that is underneath everything.  Yes, I mean it.  Ohhhh…set… Read more

Hello Baltimore – Cathedral of the Incarnation

Sunday I preach at the 8 and 10:30 a.m. services at the Episcopal Cathedral of the Incarnation in Baltimore.  Join me.  Beginning Sunday March 13th, I lead a five Sunday… Read more

Beyond Labels

Today I finish a month on the road.  And what a month it has been coast to coast.  I am moved beyond belief at the hunger amidst Christians for this great tradition to resume… Read more

Da Beach

Headed to Santa Barbara.  Thursday night talk at Community Church on State Street.   All day Saturday seminar at La Casa de Maria Retreat center in Montecito. If you have never… Read more

Dr. Shaia at the National
Cathedral (watch the video)

Webcast from Grace
Cathedral (watch the video)


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