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Invite to Speak

Invite to Speak

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a Quadratos Community?

We are initiating a Quadratos community in the Melbourne area, to inaugurate March 2015. We imagine this as a prototype for a type of depth Christian community living the Journey… Read more

Harmony – perhaps the great communal work of this century

Delighted to be part of the Harmony Festival in Warburton Australia, 16- 18 May 2014. On that Thursday evening, I’ll take part in a what we hope is movement toward a healing… Read more

Hello Melbourne! The Living Well Centre & Quadratos

Seven years ago, the Rev John Stewart (Anglican) heard a brief presentation on Quadratos. John was and continues to be the co-director of the Living Well Centre in… Read more

NZ and Australia – Australia and NZ

I continue in the land of Kiwi and OZ … affectionately known as New Zealand and Australia.  Have just finished a series of talks and retreats on the North Island of New Zealand… Read more

Hello Australia and New Zealand!

I am in Australia and New Zealand to teach, explore and share Quadratos “down under.”  This week I address the Australian Spiritual Directors Network for four days.  Next month… Read more

Follow along as I journey across Australia & New Zealand

On June 22nd I fly from the U.S. to Melbourne – beginning a month in Australia and two weeks in New Zealand.  Beyond the miles – I will experience a significant change of weather… Read more

Easter – a glorious garden

Am already in Santa Barbara at La Casa de Maria Retreat Center where I lead the Easter Retreat.  This year for the fifth time.  This is an ancient Easter – far different from… Read more

Nicodemus Mind?

Nicodemus Mind is a metaphor from the Christian gospels.  But it refers to a thinking style that harms relationships and vital community life.   Anytime you believe there is a… Read more

A Pattern Underneath Everything? Really?

This Sunday at Baltimore’s Cathedral of the Incarnation – join me at 9 a.m. as I discuss the pattern of practice that is underneath everything.  Yes, I mean it.  Ohhhh…set… Read more

Hello Baltimore – Cathedral of the Incarnation

Sunday I preach at the 8 and 10:30 a.m. services at the Episcopal Cathedral of the Incarnation in Baltimore.  Join me.  Beginning Sunday March 13th, I lead a five Sunday… Read more

Heart and Mind

Heart and Mind:
The Four-Gospel Journey for Radical Transformation

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Dr. Shaia at the National
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Webcast from Grace
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